Good stuff, Ignis and The Future.

Well I had a good day yesterday! Because it was a bank holiday in the Netherlands I was able to get in a very full day.

Started off well by finally getting to Exalted with the Netherwing (and receiving my 55th mount!) Then in the afternoon I managed to throw some people together for an Eye of Eternity ten-man run where I obtained the Barricade of Eternity shield and was able to complete the Key quest and get the Drakescale Collar.

In the evening my guild ran a twentyfive-man Ulduar. We started off with XT-002 which we killed in two attempts. Then we moved onto Ignis. As you may have read earlier we got our first kill this week (before the reset.) We had had some tries on him after the reset (and relatively easy kills of Flame Leviathan and Razorscale) but they weren't succesful. Yesterday we went at him again and this time got him down. Not exactly on farm but getting closer. This is down a lot to the offtank's role of kiting the adds to the right pace and everyone coordinating to get them destroyed. Ignis was kind enough to drop our first shard for Val'anyr.

Future plans.
First I want to get an epic flying mount for my Rogue Alt. Seeing as I have my eyes on the Red drake I'll need to get 5000 gold for the epic flying skill then Exalted with Wyrmrest and another 1600 to buy the mount. When that's done I'll drop skinning and learn mining up to 450 on him. then I'll drop mining on my main and learn Jewelcrafting in it's place. Might be expensive to level but the benefits are great.


Update and some Ulduar

Well, a lot has happened since we last posted. Initiator of this blog has moved house and the week or so away from WoW has led to him not wanting to return. He is on. A. Break.

In the meantime... I changed guilds to a casual(ish) raiding guild on my server. I'd originally talked about joining them as Retribution but they asked me as tank which I was more than happy to do. I'd switched to tanking from retribution because at the time my old guild wasn't raiding yet, but there were plenty of pick up groups... looking for tanks. I'd collected some tanking gear while levelling to 80, crafted some and bought a few rep items from the outland factions (<3 Championing). I found tanking was a lot of fun and now consider it my main spec (to complete the Paladinic trinity).

So last night we hit Ulduar 25. the guild had so far only killed Flame Leviathan and Razorscale and they went down without any problems.Ignis was next and he proved a bit more of a problem. Initially I was tanking Ignis himself, with our (otherwise MT) death knight and a warrior assigned to the adds. After 4 failed attempts we found the problem was mostly add control, the warrio was having trouble positioning the adds (I've done it before on 10man and found it quite tricky myself). We switched and succeeded for a guild first kill.

next time I'll post some stuff on my goals for the future.