Ard Impersonator Caught Redhanded!

My saturday morning session started out funny and a bit weird at the same time.

As you can see in the screenshot a mage on my server named Waika whispered me and asked if their was an officer online. (I was playing my shaman alt, now level 64 btw ^^)

I can only guess what 'Waika' was thinking, or trying to achieve. He had whispered my friend Fey and asked if there were any officers online.

My first guess as that he had applied to out guild and wanted to talk to someone about it.

When he said 'oh ye ^^ could you invite this char (my alt - Ard)' I didn't really understand what he meant.
Did he mean to say 'his alt' to me, Ard? So I asked and then he claimed to be 'Ard, human pallie.' It's highly unlikely that he would've gotten away with that with any of the other officers but what are the chances he asks ME for a sneaky invite!?

A screenshot to frame in my opinion :D


  1. It's a nice little trick people play -- they get an invite by claiming to be an alt of an officer. Upon invite they head straight to the bank and try to clean it out; if alts don't have immediate access to the bank, they'll ask for promotion to a rank that can get access, because the just happen to need something right away. We had someone ask in claiming to be the GM's alt, but the GM was already online on one of his alts. We currently have a policy that you have to request the invite from your main to help combat this sort of stuff.

  2. Classic impersonation failure! :D


Thanks for your thoughts!