3.2.2 Threat

Back from holiday, let’s talk upcoming changes in 3.2.2.

Basically, changes to threat. Righteous Fury gets a smaller percentage of threat generated. This lowers the extra threat by 10% (note that this is bonus threat being lowered, a number I’ve seen on a forum suggests this lowers overall treat by about 5%) I’m not really worried about this. Back when I started out tanking raids for my current guild I sometimes had trouble pushing out enough threat to stay ahead of our mages but I can’t remember that happening since I got my first few upgrades.

Touched by the Light currently provides some spell power gain based on stamina. So… what some clever Arena Paladin healers did was stack a truckload of stamina and actually healed using a protection spec. The extra spell power from TbtL was enough to make it worthwhile. TbtL is being changed to provide extra spell power based on Strength instead, which is something not present on healer plate. Quick calculations show that unless you’re a staminamaniac you won’t lose too much spell power and therefore not too much threat either.

Lastly, Hammer of the Righteous (which I now always hear in the voice of the second boss in ToC) is being changed from holy to physical damage but has had its threat raised so it does more or less the same amount of threat.

So threat is being lowered, which to me appears to be correct as threat wasn’t really a problem. If it’s really bad I can always change my glove enchant to the 2% threat one.

In the meantime I’ve also levelled my shammie to 50, pretty good fun.

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