Servers down, no Kodo

Well my server had a severe outage yesterday (it was down from 17:00 till nearly 22:00) so we weren’t able to continue our TotGC 25 raid.

As it’s Brewfest (and I’ve not done much of the festivals this year, in fact I’ve only done one,) I have been trying to obtain a Brewfest Kodo. On Sunday we put together a group of 5 and did the fight a total of 8 times, switching in alts. Last night I teamed up with my wife and we did the fight twice together. I summoned it and it was me and her Enhancement Shaman, then she switched to her shadow Priest. No Kodo.

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  1. I got it and gave it away : P

    What you want to ride that Horde mount for anyway?


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