Of the Nightfall and Factions Champions

Recently we’ve had a group from our guild attempt 10man hard modes together. We’ve accomplished quite a few things already. We cleared an Ignis speed kill, we did Iron council, Steelbreaker last and Heartbreaker. Recently we took that group and tried to apply it to Obsidian Sanctum with three drakes up. We had some very serious attempts, one coming as close as 7500 health remaining on Sartharion. That attempt was, I think, at 1 o’clock in the morning so we decided to leave it there. It was clear we could do it and knew we would another day.

Since then, several guilds groups have actually achieved it and some guildies have managed it in pick-up groups. One guild group cleared it again last weekend. I was on my shaman (now level 54 btw) so missed out. Then, on Saturday a Rogue from my guild set about putting a group together. He managed to recruit a few people from a strong guild on my server which gave us quite the edge. We cleared OS + 3, earning the achievement and title for me and 4 or 5 others, one of which my wife, who also took home the black drake. After Chef this was the title I most wanted so I’m hapy to have got it, at last.

Last night we had a normal scheduled guild run. The plan was to make 2 or 3 10man groups for trial of the crusader. However we lacked enough people for three groups and we were quite short on tanks. We decided on 25 man trial instead. The first two bosses were cleared quite quickly, nothing noticeable there, accept maybe for severely overpriced tokens for tier nine gear ;)

The third boss has been our nemesis in trial, as we had thrown ourselves at it a few times without much success. Even in 10man we struggle with this boss as it simply requires a different style of play from everyone. However our first few attempts looked promising so we kept at it. I think in all it took about 6 or 7 attempts but we did do it. Another guild first :D

We had a few goes at the Twins, but I think the 25 version needs a bit of tweaking our tactics to get it done. More tonight!

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