Old school Onyxia

John: “Alex, do you want to do a little recap of last weeks adventures?”
Alex the GM: “Sure. Last week our heroes made their way from Ashenvale down through the steppes of the Barrens (Mike you had that little incident in the Crossroads...)”
Mike: “Well, the less said about that the better.”
Others laugh and smile.
Alex the GM: “The party made their way into the swamps southeast of the Barrens, heading for the rumored lair of the Broodmother. Last time we left it when you guys had made camp at an abandoned Ogre cave.”
John: “Oh yeah, it really was abandoned then?”
Alex the GM: “Yes, I assume you want to pack up and get going?”
John: (looks at other players) “Shall we?”
The others agree.
Alex the GM: “The party sets out and finds what looks like a dragon’s face jutting out of the rock, it’s teeth forming a fence-like door.”
Dave (the Dwarf): “I bet that’s the door the amulet opens!”
John: “Let’s go! We head for the cave/door.”
Alex the GM: “You encounter no resistance as you walk up, but the teeth don’t move.”
Dave: “I want to try touching them with the amulet.”
Alex the GM: “When you hold the amulet to the teeth, there’s a rumble below and the teeth withdraw into the ground, ahead is a dark cave that seems unnaturally warm.”
Frank: “I need to take a pee break guys, I’ll be right back.” (Frank exits)
Others sigh.
*A few minutes later.*
Frank: “Hey guys I’m back what did I miss?”
Alex the GM: “When you snap out of your meditation, you find the party had already moved into the cave, as you follow, drakonid corpses litter the floor, the cave walls look carved out by fire, generally smooth with the nasty serrated, sharp edges left for decoration.”
Frank: “I hurry to catch up with the others.”
Alex the GM: “You find the party waiting for you on the edge of a giant hollow chamber, it’s extremely hot in there, you can see a giant black female dragon asleep at the back of the room. Off to the sides you see huge quantities of spikey dragon eggs.”
John: “It’s been a long journey, but now the time has come to draw swords. Let us also take a moment to remember William, our proud hunter, who was lost to us when we fought the horde guarding the barrens entrance.”
Dave: “good euphemism for his girlfriend’s a bitch, haha.”
Alex the GM: “The dragon is awakened by your stirring, roll for initiative.”
*A few minutes later.*
John: “Can’t believe we did that!” Awesome!”
Alex the GM: “As you gut the dragon, inside you find pieces a helmet, hardened by the dragon’s stomach, it’s a mail helmet that looks like it would suit a hunter.”
Dave: “Aaah, what? We got out only hunter killed.”
John: “Oh my god, this entire journey and there’s no sword what?”
Frank: “I need to sue the loo again guys, I’ll be right back.”
Others sigh.


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  2. Awesome story, makes me miss D&D more. Great job of telling the Ony fight. Would have loved to hear the roleplaying of the actual fight.


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