More than a year has passed.

I’ve been playing Warcraft for over 4 years now. A few months before the Lich King expansion came out I had stopped playing WoW. It was summer, I had gone through a period of playing PvP only, pretty much, Battlegrounds and arena’s were what I did in Burning Crusade. I didn’t think I would return to Warcraft at all. But then Lich King was about to be released, the hype swept me up, I reinstalled, updated and decided I could play just to see what the new expansion was like. Just like before Warcraft grabbed me by the throat and dragged me in. I leveled to 80 at a slow pace (wanted to see/do it all) joined a raiding guild and became a paladin tank.

Then, just before the release of 3.3 the urge to play just… left me. For the duration of the year in Lich King, I was pretty much furniture in my guild, always online, on my main tanking stuff for people (or for myself) working on achievements, improving my crafting, leveling alts (besides my paladin I leveled my trusty Dwarf Rogue to 80, geared him a bit on pick up raids and the like, and leveled a Shaman from scratch to 80, completely as Elemental – not recommended ;)

And then one day, I logged on, looked at Dalaran traffic flowing by, considered my options, dismissed them, logged out. I looked at my character list, those options, then quit Warcraft and turned off my computer. For reasons unknown to me, the desire to play has completely left me. I have worked very hard to be the best tank I could be, always researching, tuning, tweaking, trying to improve in every way possible, so I could (for the first time in those 4 years) finally be a part of it when the last boss of an expansion went down, as a tank no less, how exciting.

Perhaps I overdid it and burned out, but I didn’t get sick of Warcraft, I just don’t feel like playing. I’ll return one day I’m sure but (to quote Aragorn) it is not this day.


  1. I feel like this could sure be the case.

    I spend all my time writing work stuff, but it somewhat never seems to make a difference. I'm motivationally immobilised, unable to make change. Pretty much a sure symptom of overexertion, but I can't accept doing less because of guilt.



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