Ard’s average day.

I get home from work around six, which gives me about two hours before raid start time to get some things done. Normally I end my night hearthstoning and logging out in the inn in Dalaran. I pick up the daily cooking quest there and complete that.

Then, I’m off to the Argent tournament. I fly over there and mine any Saronite (and, if very lucky, Titanium) on the way. I’ve not done the new quests a lot yet, but normally I’d go for Threat from Above first (I can solo Chillmaw) then head down, kill 15 scourge then head for the gate, then fly back to the tournament, joust the shizzle out of four Champions, turn in and head back to Dalaran.

I hop through the Shattrath portal and complete the Shattrath cooking daily. I take a Shattrath portal to Stormwind, empty out my inbox (lovely gold!) then check the AH for any bargains. I buy what materials I need to do some crafting, list whatever I need to list, buy reagents, food, flask, potions.

Usually I relog at that point to my Rogue, disenchant stuff, open boxes.

Then I take the boat to Borean Tundra, fly over to Dragonblight and do some fishing (if I need any food) then back up to Dalaran, where I pick up the daily fishing quest, I go and do that, then head over to Storm Peaks and do the daily there for the Blue Ladies (they have a name I’m sure) and hope to get a Polar bear (no luck so far).

Usually that takes me up to about 8 o’clock and it’s raid time! And there you were wondering why I was so quiet ;)

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  1. I do a similar rotation each morning:

    Do Cooking, pick-up Fishing, go to Sholozar and do Oracle Dailes, do Fishing, back to Dalaran. Takes right around 30 minutes and it's usually time to get ready for work by that point.

    Of course, in another week I'll be exalted with the Oracles and I'll have to adjust my rotation as I go BACK to the Tournament (I'm already a Crusader, but I want the new mount(s)).

    It's a nice way to start the day for me. No stress, get a little bit of useless stuff accomplished. :)


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