Mounted combat in the form of jousting was introduced last patch but will become a lot more important in the next patch. The first boss in the new (raid) dungeon will use the jousting mechanic so I’d thought I’d put my technique down on paper. Using my method I can kill the four champions for the daily quest without healing my mount in between.

Jousting uses only 4 abilities in combat. On button 1. Melee attack. Can only be used in melee, does a small amount of damage. 2. Ranged attack. Can only be used at range, throws a spear at opponent, does a bit more damage and removes one shield. 3. Charge. Can only be used at range, makes you charge into your opponent for good damage. Also removes one shield. 4. Shield. Can be used anytime, has a long cooldown, stacks up to three shields on you.

For fighting the champions I do the following. First, stack up three shields. Then start the fight by speaking to them. While I’m talking to the new opponent I’m spamming 1 to get in an immediate Melee attack. Soon as that attack lands I start spamming 3 and Charge in at the earliest opportunity. Now Charge will take you up to and usually quite far past the opponent. That puts you at enough range to use a Ranged attack so use that. Then run back in close and use Melee attack. Run out a little so you can Ranged attack then immediately back in for a Melee attack. Do that a few times: run out, Ranged attack, run back in, Melee attack.

That sequence removes shields on the opponent but keeps yours up because most of the time you’re in melee. If you do lose a shield during this (sometimes opponents will get an occasional Ranged attack or Charge in) immediately get the shield back up to three (just stay in melee range and stack shields, Melee attack while your doing this) then go back to whittling down their shields. When the shields are gone run out and do a Charge, or wait for the opponent to try and get range then spam Charge. Always follow up a charge with a Melee attack.

In short: stay in melee rane as much as possible (opponents can’t take your shields in melee) and only go out to range just long enough to either do the Ranged attack or Charge right back in. When you Charge always follow with a Melee attack, then use the Ranged attack at the far end of the charge, run back in and use the Melee attack again.

As practice for the Argent coliseum there are dailies to do at the Argent Tournament that reward a good amount of gold or rep-tokens for the major cities (exalted with all major cities and champion for all major cities gives the Crusader title.) In addition it rewards champions seals which can be used for buying mounts, including the new Crusader-only Argent Paladin mount. Besides it’ll look good when the coliseum starts and you are an ace jouster!

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