New patch, first impressions

It's always exciting when there's a new patch. Forums run over with excitement, blogs analyse and predict, words like nerf and buff take on whole new meanings. And then, on the first day of a new patch the excitement is palapable, it oozes out of the screen, people asking directions to new places, questions on how to complete new quests, vendors pimping their new and shiny wares. Early adopters showing off their freshly acquired goods.

So, what did I do? I obtained the new Paladin mount from the Argent Crusade. It's not as exciting as I had hoped. It's nice to have a new look but it's not very shiny. In fact it's a grimy, almost rusted version of the Paladins charger. What was I going to do, not get it?

I dumped all of my remaining Emblems of Heroism on 6 epic blue gems and got them cut for stamina, replacing all the current ones in my gear. I'll probably use the emblems I have on my Rogue to obtain some multicoloured ones to replace the others, or just buy them.

I ran the new 5man on normal and marvelled at how easy it was to obtain some epics (we had 4 plate-wearers and a clothie, of course all drops were leather and mail.) I had a go at the heroic version but the group was unable to deal with it so I didn't finish that one. From what I've seen it'll be very doable with a good (guild) group.

Then it was raid time. We'd planned to make 10man groups and have a go at the 10man version first and we were able to put 3 groups together. We manged to get past the first miniboss but were still being killed by the Jormungars when guildgroup 1 cleared the fight. It didn't look to good for us, there was some tension but determination is the stuff we're made of. We kept at it. We managed the fight with a few people dead. Then we went and pummeled Emalon and Archavon in the dust (I'm looking forward to the new boss in VoA as well, I realised he won't be patched in until week 2 to stop people picking up T9 in week 1 of the new patch.)

Our other group cleared VoA as well and we all teamed up for 25man normal. With a bit of experience under our belts it wasn't too much of an adjustement. we had a three tank rotation on the first miniboss, then pretty much an easy time on the Jormungars and a lot of fun on the big Yeti. In the end we only took two attempts to clear it. I got a new shield too :)

All in all it was a cool first day of the new patch. Looking forward to exploring some of the new questlines at the tournament and doing the new dailies. Only 15 champions seals to get a new flying mount!


  1. We cleared 5 man regular and 5 man heroic without too much problem, a few wipes on the first bosses in heroic 5 man and then we were ok.

    10 man is a different story. Strong, well geared group, killed first boss no problems and stopped cold on the jormungar repeatedly. Any tips on how to get past that one?



  2. We tried two tactics for the double worms. First we attempted a switching one: tank + melee on one worm, other tank + ranged dps on the other. After they burrow, everyone switches. this should ensure both worms die at the same time and gets the achievement. Not so hot (for us ayway).

    Then we did burn tactic: one tank each, everyone burn acidmaw, heroism, trinkets, cooldowns. Make sure to have the Burning bile victims/acid victims get it cleansed by moving to the other worm. with one down you just nuke the other one > win.

    maintankadin.failsafedesign.com has a good strategy forum if you need more info :)

  3. I have mixed feelings about these downgradings of acquisition difficulty. The first time was when the Grand Marshal items became a free-for-all. Now I've never been a Grand Marshal, but I came within enough of a radius to appreciate the work involved.

    However on the bright side, these events do inject a lot of new energy into the game and add purpose to things that had become redundant. And although some things suddenly become easy to obtain, interesting it's still the same core of people bothering to put in the work to quickly obtain them - while those happy to coast along still coast along!


Thanks for your thoughts!