The opposite opinion.

I got Nerfed.
No, you were too powerful.

I can’t make money.
There’s a reason there’s a limit on the number of daily quests.

WoW Caters to casuals.
Yes, there are more casual than hardcore players so it’s catering to it’s audience. WoW does cater to Hardcores as well. Hardmodes anyone?

WoW is too easy.
Set harder goals.

It was a good weekend for me. My guild put together a few maniacs who wanted to try some hardmodes in Ulduar 10 and we did, with some success! We started by knocking Flame Leviathan out of the way. We started with an attempt at 4min Ignis. We struggled a bit with positioning and it was a lot of healing required so healing was a bit strained but we managed it.
We moved on to XT-002. This is a proper hardmode. First you need to kill the heart during the first heartphase, that’s the trigger, then you clear the fight, he has more Health, does more damage and the bombs have different effects. We managed it surprisingly well.
We also did the silly thing with the 25 dwarves being killed by Razorscales breath. Bit of muddle but we managed that as well.
Kologarn was next and we killed him with both arms up, no problem.
Lastly we tried Assembly on the hardest mode, Steelbreaker last. It was surprisingly easier than I had thought and we got pretty far – Steelbreaker down to about 5%. It was late by then and concentration was lowering. More next week!

I also obtained the middle T9 shoulders this weekend (see picture, above). Working a bit more on Retribution as my offspec is more important in the hardmodes, I need to be able to put out some decent DPS.


  1. Readers please be aware that Ard's hair in the photograph is in fact a wig.

  2. If you're that close to killing Assembly, just make sure you have either haste pots for the melee or enough survivability CDs for the tank. Best of luck!

  3. Haste pots seems like a good idea, I actually found I didn't have too trouble surviving the fusion punches or our healers dealing with them. Think it was indeed down to faster dps.

  4. "My guild put together a few maniacs "

    You call me a maniac ? ;)

    Was amazing run and i am glad your got your tier item, after all we are there for you (private joke)


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