3.2 Emblem changes.

A few days ago the (test-realm) patch notes for 3.2 became available. One of the major things that are going to change is the emblem system. At the moment Emblems of Heroism can be obtained by doing 5-man Heroics, and 10-man raids. Emblems of valor from 25-man raids. There are also conquest badges which drop from 25-man Emalon (in VoA) and 25-man Ulduar.
In the next patch Heroism and Valor emblems will disappear and where they dropped there will now be Conquest emblems. A new type of emblem will be introduced called Triumph that will drop in the heroic version of the new dungeon (and, I'm assuming here, the 25-man version of the new boss that will be added to VoA.) In addition the Daily-normal and Daily heroic dungeon quests will be changed to drop 1 and 2 Triumph badges respectively.

Effectively you'll be able to get the badge gear from heroics that was only available to 25-man Ulduar raiders. A lot of people don't like this change. It sort of devalues the efforts made by 25 man groups, because at least a part of the rewards that were theirs exclusively get will now be available to everyone, and by doing easier dungeons than they had to do.

Personally I like it. It'll make it easier to obtain nicer loot, which will enable me to do my job as tank better. (or at least give me a bit more choice in which items to wear).

On the whole, what's available for badges is limited, the majority of the top-end items are only available from doing the raids. This is true for such vital item slots as weapons and trinkets. On top of that raiders will get more of the new Triumph badges (anyone who really wants this new emblem-loot will be doing the dungeon -and- the daily quests for them) and the loot from the new dungeon itself will still only be available to the people running it.

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