Zen and teh phat lewt.

In order to achieve enlightenment we must free ourselves of all desire. Sounds a bit buddhism, applies to Warcraft. I got into a conversation with a few people about some of the changes coming up in the 3.2 content patch, the mount changes and the emblem changes especially.

People get really upset about them! I sort of understand when you've gone through a lot of trouble for something (like walking all the way to level 40 back in old Warcraft) and now people get their mount for a fraction of the price at level 20. In the end though... what does it matter? Same with the emblem changes, yeah some people are going to get their hands on gear they would normally not be able to get near. But I don't begrudge them this opportunity. I was there for the longest time, struggling away in non-raiding guilds, /inspecting people and wondering what it must be like to have really end-game gear when it was just new.

So I was wasting some time on my rogue this weekend when I noticed a group for Naxx 25 forming in the LFG channel, Thaddius, Sapphiron and KT left to do. Sounds like fun, I've not done these fights before on my rogue. I hook up, we kill Thaddius with some trouble (I didn't do well, got killed in the +/- phase) and move onto Sapphiron (I don't do well and die to a blizzard I think) and lastly KT. I know I'm going to have to interrupt here and still want to make sure I'm not killing the tank by being in range and still do max damage (GRRRR I don't do well and die to a void zone ... the shame). KT drops Calamity's Grasp... and I'm the only rogue. Nice.

We also had a night of throwing ourselves at General Vezax in Ulduar 10 now that we can get to him but were unable to kill him, more tonight.

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