Real life Vs. WoW

I joined a (casual) raiding guild recently. Now the word
casual, in this context, implies we sorta raid when we've
got some people on and if we're up for it. Actually, if
you were to ask someone who doesn't play wow what they
think casual means they might say 'a few hours per week?'

Reality is we have 4 raidnights per week (wednesday,
thursday, sunday and monday) where we aim to start at
20.00 and play till 23.30. Though our progress has been
good, we've not completed any hard mode fights in Ulduar
yet. In the 10-man version we've still not bested Mimiron
(we got very close last night), and thus also not General
Vazex or Yogg-saron. I'm not going to talk about Algalon
;) On the 25 man version we've cleared Kologarn and
Auriaya and so can (and will this wek) start on the guardians.

Call it what you want, that's a heavy dedication of time
and it's taking it's toll. because I have to get up for
work quite early (half past six-ish) I'm pretty sleepy on
monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. So after next reset
I'm going to take a weeks break from raiding to at least a
week of normal amounts of sleep.

I'll still be playing WoW, of course. Making some extra
gold (really trying to build up a big reserve) on my main
character, crafting stuff and selling it on the AH. I'll
do some pick-up stuff with my rogue. I'll also carry on
levelling my shaman and continue to increase her Herbalism
and Alchemy skills.

In case you're curious, the rogue I started for a few
reasons, at the time I was playing a my paladin as a holy/prot
healer, mostly arena. In PvE however damage dealing is a
lot of fun and, in my opinion a rogue is one of the best
ways to deliver damage. The shaman I started for two
reasons. I've wanted to have a herbalism/alchemy alt for a
long time, provide my own potions. Also I've wanted to
play with a caster-character for a while, however mage or
warlock don't really appeal to me. So I'm playing the only
caster who doesn't wear cloth.

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  1. I know the feeling. Most nights, I only get about 5 hours of sleep, give or take an hour. I play on a server that is 1 time zone behind me, so we start an hour later than usual. I really should just transfer servers, but it's the server that my IRL friends play on and we are all in established guilds.


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