Got some gold for a 'niner?

the 49ers were people left without any means after the goldrush hit America in the century before last. They failed to find gold and were left in the west with nothing.

Here's an interesting bit of info from Blizzard about the next patch. In patch 3.2 epic gems will be introduced. these can be bought with emblems (just like the current 'blue' gems) and they can be prospected from titanium ore by jewelcrafters. Titanium nodes are extremely rare. It's not uncommon on a mining run to come back with 3-4 stacks of saronite ore, a handful of different eternals and only 3-6 titanium ore.

Furthermore, titanium is already in high demand. it's used to make titansteel, a key ingredient to almost all high-end craftable items. Titansteel rings, various items of plate armor and highly desirable titansteel starter weapons for many different classes (most notably the titansteel destroyer which is probably the most respectable entry-level twohanded weapon ever.

Result: on tuesday titanium ore cost maybe 5 gold. Now its more like 25 gold. People will be hogging titanium and selling it off slowly to keep the price high. Time to join the goldrush! there's titanium in them there mountains! I have tomorrow'off and I know that i'll be spending a serious amount of time mining. Also, if you have blue gems stacked up, now is the time to sell them off as the price will drop dramatically when the next patch hits.

Final thought. 3.2 won't actually be released until the end of the current Arena season. I'm guessing 2 months at least. Either way, there's gold to be made, let's get to it.

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  1. I'm going to be stockpiling my Titanium Ore from now on. This is the first time a rare ore has been prospectable, so I'm expecting folks to go insane with the prices.


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