Last night saw we went head to head with General Vezax for
the third time. The first night we had some time on him we
had just killed Freya and Hodir so concentration was low,
but we got to see some of the things he does.

Then last sunday we were ready for some serious attempts.
Our raid was a bit unbalanced, we had three mages, a
warlock, two druids. It left us with many people at range
and it was hard to get it down pat. Our best attempt then
was 28%. Not bad, but not a kill.

Last night we went at it again. We built the raid: I was
tanking (Pally Power!) We had a druid, discipline priest
and a shaman healing. Two mages, a warlock, hunter and a
druid at range and a death knight interrupting. Our first
attempt failed at 70% but it all looked so much smoother,
second attempt was a lolwipe at 90%, people standing in
bad places as ranged tried out its (eventually) succesful

We felt it was going to happen. Another attempt saw us hit
the enrage timer as a few times Vezax was healed up (he
was at 15% or so). Now we knew we could do it. Our final
attempt went off excellently, vapors were conveniently
placed, cooldowns for surges went off very well and dps
got their strategy in the sweetspot. Another guild first
kill! 12/14 now in Ulduar 10.

We got a look at yogg-saron but struggled on the first
phase already, so decided to attempt medium-mode Assembly,
but had to settle for a normal kill. We might try for some
more time on yogg-Saron tonight, but we may also leave it
for the next reset.

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  1. Grats! Kind of funny but I just experienced my first 10 man General kill too today. -=)


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