The Maw of Madness

We found ourselves with Ulduar 10 cleared up to Yogg-Saron this week. Normally we don’t raid on Tuesdays but to make the most of this opportunity we scheduled an extra run last night and threw ourselves at him for a few hours.

We learned a lot, mainly that that we need more practice. The first phase is still very much hit and miss. Sometimes it’s completely controlled, other times we get overwhelmed before you can say ‘Old god’.

We reached phase two on quite a few occasions. I didn’t keep count but 5 or 6 times at least. Phase two is even more chaotic than phase one. The tentacles are many and spread out quite a bit across the room. On attempts where we had everyone alive (I think there were only two or three of those) we did pretty well killing them all and keeping the debuffs under control. Our problem seemed to be mostly in getting the right mix of people to go in the portals and getting that part accomplished and everyone out without going insane.

We did learn a lot and towards the end it felt like we did get more of a grip on phase one, at least. Movement needs to improve for the raid during phase one. Phase two we just need to see more often so we can get some experience with it and get to experiment properly with portal-team composition.

It is a really cool fight, I love the look of the boss and all his crazy abilities, I love the Lovecraft/Cthulhu theme of it. It feels like we can get it done with practice. Into the Maw! To arms!

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  1. We downed yogg 10 for the first time on wednesday. We had spent the last couple of weeks running into phase two, and getting eaten alive. Turns out carrying 3 healers is a bad idea, you only need two. Just make sure someone can depoison and someone can decurse and demagic. Taking two holy paladins will probably end poorly. We sent 3 melee + 1 tank into the portals, and left 3 ranged, 2 healers, and 1 tank outside to clear the tenticals. We finally got the hang of it, and entered phase three. the conversation in vent went something like this...

    "WOOHOO! We're in phase three!"
    "Now what?"
    "I don't know..."


    But in all seriousness, as long as people are briefed beforehand what to expect in phase three, and you can DPS the brain down in 2 or 3 portal phases, phase three is relatively easy to control with all the keepers.


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