3.2! Talents and Excitement!

With the background downloader chugging away at hauling in the data for the inevitable patch 3.2 I’m having a glance at things that I’ll be changing in my spec. I’m also getting excited about some of the other new things in the new patch.

I’m at work at the moment, so I can’t link to something actually showing the talent trees, however if you are reading this I’m sure you can find me and my talents.

Divinity. Not sure how I ended up with points in this but I’m getting rid of them. Sure it helps sometimes but I’m confident my healers can handle it also without. (seems to work for warriors & DKs.)

Divine Sacrifice & Divine Guardian. They are not in my spec currently as I’m running a very MT orientated build however they may return if I have the points spare. For XT-002 and a few other places, specially in ulduar the raid-wide damage reduction is very good.

Reckoning. Will still be rubbish in 3.2 for tanks, as it does not scale well with Seal of Vengeance.

Ardent Defender. A talent I would never be without anyway is getting quite a boost and a change. The boost is in the exact mechanic. Right now AD reduces damage taken by a percentage when my health is below 35% of total. In 3.2 it will do the same but if a hit is going to bring me below that 35% the portion of incoming damage below 35% will be reduced right away. In addition AD will now be coupled with a Guardian Spirit type effect, so that if I go to 0% health it’ll save me and reset me to 30% health. However for 2 minutes after that the damage reducing effect won’t work.

Vindication. Will be changed quite a lot, from reducing certain stats to reducing a flat amount of attack power. Testing has shown this will work on everything now so will become a standard tanking talent. Due to changes for Retribution talents it’s unlikely Retribution paladins will be picking this up.

I’m very much looking forward to the new paladin mount (from the Argent Crusade) an upgraded version of the Squire (with a mount of his own!) finally getting my Argent Hippogryph and very much looking forward to the Argent Coliseum, new raids! I’ve got two weeks holiday, the beginning of September, I’m secretly hoping 3.2 will be patched in before that holiday so I can spend some quality time running heroics and building up a vast amount of Conquest badges.

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  1. On Ardent Defender:

    "However for 2 minutes after that the damage reducing effect won’t work."

    This was the case for early PTR builds, but isn't the case now. The damage reduction at less than 35% health will always be active now, regardless of recent saves. Honors Code has the testing data:



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