The darkness is complete. The absence of light is so total I have to bring my hand to my face to check if my eyes are really open. From somewhere far away I hear voices, shouting. It sounds like they are behind a locked door in a padded room, somewhere deep inside me. Muffled. I listen intently...

"Rocket! Rocket incoming! Move!" There are sounds too, of metal scraping on metal, arcane energies discharging, nature's force wrought at some unseen enemy.
"Get behind him! Get behind the middle." I know these voices, I realise. These sounds, I've heard them before, somewhere.

The battle, if that's what is, comes to an end. Joyous shouts echo in the darkness that envelops me.
"Someone resurrect Ard." Ard! That's... me! Something like a hand of light enters the darkness and blinds me mentarily and I'm yanked out of the void and back into my body. Now I realise what's happened. As I look over my comrades shoulder I see great pools of oil and blood, metal filings cling to everything with a static frenzy. The smiles of the people around me tell me what I want to know: Mimiron is dead.

My guild killed our last keeper in Ulduar 25 last night! Just General Vezax and Yogg-Saron left to go. Grats everyone!


  1. Is this what occultists refer to as an 'out-of-body achievement?'

  2. Damn, you and Fey are quite the wordsmiths. I enjoy reading both your blogs.


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