Turtles all the way down.

I have cooking and fishing at 450. The reason for this is an achievement, or rather the reward for an achievement: the title Chef. I don't actually have that title but I've been trying real hard.

Why? well, in dutch the word chef means boss and that kind of appeals to me. It also shows I've invested quite a bit of my time in an aspect of the game which is at least a little silly :)

In an effort to speed up levelling cooking I also levelled Fishing, as it provides lots of material for cooking and the 'best' group buff food in the game, the fish feast, obviously requires fish.

What's bugging me is that 1 recipe is holding me back from achieving the chef title. The recipe for Stormchops is the only one I don't have that I need for the only achievement I don't have, which is the Outland Gourmet. The only way to obtain this recipe is by doing the Shattrath and Dalaran daily cooking quest. These quests reward a bag that has a 1% chance of containing the recipe. Well, 150 plus times completing these quests and I still don't have it.

Ah well, fishing for Fish Feasts the other day I caught a Deep sea turtle mount. It's a pretty fun thing, but a bit slow on land ;)

I do hope I get that recipe at some point though.

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