Setting Goals ftw.

Setting goals for raiding is a subject that I've been turning over in my mind for quite a while now. I felt it's best to set goals and work towards them but last night I saw in action why that is.

Tuesday is not an 'official' raidnight in my guild. That means sometimes we raid (if we have a enough people not saved to somewhere.) So we got 10 people and went to Ulduar. We didn't set any goals for what we wanted to achieve. We started by attempting 3-tower hardmode on Flame Leviathan. This didn't work very well, so after a few wipes we lowered it to 2-tower and then one-shot it. we downed Razorscale and moved on to XT-002. At XT again we tried the hardmode but lacked just a tiny bit of dps to get it, so downed him on normal as well. We finished off by taking out Kologarn.

All In all it was a succesful evening, but I feel we could have done better. If we had commited to the hardmode on Flame Leviathan we would have done more attempts and I feel sure we would have got it. If the goal had been to get XT hardmode we wouldve built the raid to fit and very likely also done it.

As it happened the raid got a bit annoyed because we didn't get the 3-tower Flame Leviathan and again when we (practically) wasted time seeing if we could get hardmode on XT.

Setting goals makes it very clear what theraid is trying to do, what it is your playing for. Last night we could have downed either more bosses or gotten a tougher hardmode, instead we got a few more wipes and we didn't kill anything in a mode we hadn't already done before.

That said, I did have fun and we learned a thing or two about XT hardmode activation and got more practise on Flame Leviathan. I was on my Rogue (Paladin was saved) and got him some new items and achievements.

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