Baron Riverdare

So. Everyone likes that mount. Everyone is farming it. And across the internet you’ll find different people doing it in amazing speed runs. Like Ciderhelm from [Tankspot]. He did it in 8minuts as a prot warrior. (Although having the best gear helps the Prot dps). I decided to make a movie myself. I managed to do the first 3bosses in 3minuts and then pull all the abominations at the same time, “nuke them down” with Retribution aura and Consecration. Then cheat with Rammstein, pulling him inside of the building, kill him and the 4 guards at the same time and then quickly venture into Baron’s room.

I tried it twice and I became faster and faster. I even managed to cheat through the little ally way, the one who closes both sides and then you have to kill small bugs to continue. I just ran past it and the gates closed behind me and I was free to move on.

So when I decided to tape my quick run, everything went smooth until I argo-ed one small pack of Ghouls which evolved into a huge fight. I think I got about 5000 rep when I was done with the killing. Jesus, it’s like the entire instance is linked to eachother. If you agro the wrong mobs, the ghost start to attack you, and then the Gargoyles will. Then will pull the spiders and the Shadowcast.

It was a fierce combat, and half way though I canceled the movie. Since I was nearing the 6minutes before I was fighting Rammstein.

I promise you Ill make a movie which show you it can be done, in 8 minutes or less. As a holy paladin. I’ll keep you posted.

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