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So, I was talking about raiding earlier, and with raiding come reactions. Reactions on situations which if you fail to comply might end up in disasters. Although with the current raid content, you don’t really have to react, it’s more predicting. You can predict what is coming next. Things like Patchwork healing, you know he’s going to slap the tank silly so you know you have to focus your healing. And it’s hard to wipe if one paladin can keep up two tanks at the same time, since he (or she) knows how patchwork “works”.

This will all change when Ulduar launches, since then we can’t predict what the boss will do, or what the trash mobs will do, we have to learn by reaction to situations. If you encounter a boss fight, and you have no clue what he is going to, you will just have to wait and see. Watch your surroundings; watch every movement the boss makes. He can for example, do a “Crushing Blow” ability. So then you have to react by topping the tank or tanks back to 100%. He can spawn adds at a certain health percentage, or he can shift into another phase mode which makes the raid take damage. Take into account that you will have to be quick when things like this happen, I’ve seen players just run around as a headless chicken not knowing what to do.

What you should do instead, is stop moving at all. (Unless you’re on some sort of magic ground.) Just look around and see what the rest is doing. First of all, if you start running like a mad bull, the healers won’t be able to reach you if you take damage and are 20yards away from the raid, secondly, if the encounter is new and you start running you might up dying out of the blue.
But what if you are standing on some firetrap, molten lava or freezing trap. You are getting damage, so you should get the hell away from there. Usually, healers stand at a safe spot, since they most likely need to stand still in order to heal. If you don’t know where to go to, you can always click on a healer and head his direction. In the mean time you can freely browse your area and find out where you can go in order to do complete your task.

One thing which I find really handy is KEYBOARD BINDINGS. These things make life so much easier! In situations as stated above, key bindings are perfect. If I e.g. have to run form incoming mobs, AOE, damage. I am still able to heal. How? I rotate my camera using my mouse, and move it quickly to the target I want to heal. I smash the “F” key on my keyboard and I HOLYSHOCK my target. Nine out of ten it’s a crit and if he still lacks HP I will press the “E” key and throw him an instant Flash of Light. Target saved, although he didn’t move out of the flame strike. I’ll give you a basic set up of my keyboard bindings; I’ll toss in a screenshot so you can see how I’ve set things up.

(s1 means Shift+1 a1 is Alt+1 c1 is Ctrl +1)

~ - Cleanse
1 – Judgment of Light
S1 – Judgment of Wisdom
2 – Hammer of Wrath
3 – Shield of righteous
Q – Divine Favor
5 – Beacon of Light
6 – Consecration
E – Flash of Light
sE – Holy Light
cE – Lay of HandsF – Holy shock
sF – Divine illumination
R – Sacred Shield
sR – Resurrection
T – Hammer of Justice
G – Hand of Protection
sG – Hand of Salvation
aG – Hand of Freedom
cG – Hand of Sacrifice
V – Bubble
sV – Devine Intervention ( /w warning macro.)
F1- F6 – are my Aura’s.
Z – Mount (/w Macro /cast crusader aua)
sZ – Flying Mount

As you can see, I use loads of keybindings. You will also notice that I don’t have my BoM and BoW binded. That is because I use Pallypower.
My Mods list:

-AG Unit Frames

I’m still looking for a decent “Square Mini Map” mod and maybe a lightweight titanbar-ish thingy, But currently I have enough to come around with.

I hope you like it, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Sexy Map is actually a really nice mini-map mod that has a lot of skins available, one of them being a square minimap. I wrote a post about add ons but I don't know how to link =X


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