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Gear, yes, GEAR. With the current set up in WTLK. Heroic loot is the same item level as Nax10. So in theory, you can get a “ full epic” set outside of Naxx and you would be able to just barge into Naxx25. This however is not recommended. But you are able to get a couple of nice items and they venture into N10 to either upgrade or extend your capabilities.

At level 80, all the dps gear, crit gear etc is replaceable. So you shouldn’t have ANY level 70 items. Blizzard made items levels scale with player levels, so if you for example have a +26 critical strike rating rings on 70. Which was 1.5% back then, it is now only a merely 0.5% or even less if the item level is lower. At level 75 all the tier 6 gear COULD have been replaced with other gear, even Quest Reward gear. Some guilds didn’t do this because of some of the set bonuses but they got hot fixed in a flash. For example, the 2 set bonus of the tier 6 for Paladins; 5% extra crit on Holy Light became a merge 1% which made it pretty unless. The rogue set bonus that gave the additional haste by 5% got nerfed to 1% at level 80. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing, since we’re 10levels higher now, it’s time for a change.

It is really easy to get your gear, although you have to be a bit lucky sometimes, but instancing in WTLK is easy, but I find it easy to get a group on ‘ the venture co” . My friends list contains loads of people, mainly tanks (since I’m a healer) and some dps guys. If I logon nine out of ten times I get a whisper if I want to heal something. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, since most of you are dps; but making friends in 5man makes you benefit a lot. Another example, I’ve been helping a guy named Balador, just a random person, I met somewhere randomly to get his trinket form AN HC. We’ve been farming AN HC devoted for two weeks straight. It’s an easy instance, takes around 30minutes and gives 3badges (or 5 with it is the Dailey.)

With the Emblems it is easier to get decent gear; I know that DPS usually goes for a weapon to start with. But look at your options, the Emblems gear has only off hands, such as the “Glasscutter” and “Pride“. And the main hand weapon usually is something which you can create by a profession. (Titan- destroyer, bone crusher).

After that you might want to dig into the tier set, with 80 and 60 badges your gloves and chest piece are easy to get. If everyone would get this, you have a full 10man in 2/5 tiers. This will boost your dps/healing/tank-age really fast. Also you can see what stats you need; usually the chest piece and the gloves have for example, crit, haste and intellect on them. The only thing you have to do is prioritize what you need most.

Apart from HIT and EXPERTISE for dps.

*Please note that for DPS your MAIN STAT (!!!) above all other stats is getting your HIT cap. You van find that hit cap here for all classes. After that, for melee DPS make sure you also go for your Expertise cap (for more white damage!). When both capped / really close then you can start focusing into other stats. * I would like to suggest that you try to get a much hit and expertise as a default stat or on your RINGS/NECKLESS so you don’t have to waste important socket holes to fill them completely with +hit. (Although it is good to start with)

After you got both tiers, it’s time you check your gear and see what needs to biggest update, you can get trinkets (41Emblems) or a necklace (25!) easily afterwards. If you have any empty wholes, there are two more options to complete your “epic “set.

Reputation and more crafting: I know that both LEATHERWORKING and TAILORING make BIND ON EQUIP items; this is big big big upgrade then the gear you could get in TBC because everything was BINDS ON PICKUP / REQUIERED X-TAILORING 375. Farming mats is do able for every class, with the boost of spell power all healing classes are able to farm.


To quote a good friend.

Even though, you can respec for 50gold, do all your dailies, respec back and you still made bank. (Around 250/300g). So no bitching about having no cash.

The reputation items are really good, for example the argent crusade have some nice gloves, boots for dps (leather and mail). Don’t forget the HELM enchant you can get from being revered (which is too easy to get). Personally I did make it Exhalted with two different factions within one week. It's too easy really!

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