New Mac, New Raid, New Belt

What a weekend! Weekends are such an indulgence at our place, My wife and I both play Warcraft so weekends usually turn in a 2-day gaming fest. Here's some of the highlights of last weekend. I got a new iMac on Thursday, so everything is a bit smoother/shinier and my screen is now widescreen which gives me more space to put my interface (see screenie above, click for full size.) I levelled my Rogue to 75, so he can open Froststeel lockboxes. He also got the Gruul's Lair Achievement and the Tier 4 legs, still surprisingly good at lv 75 though mostly thanks to the set bonus.

Of course I played my Paladin as well! My guild has been slowly progressing in Naxx. Just over a month ago we had a few goes at getting a raid together but we were hopelessly undergeared and the majority of the group had never been to Naxx at all. Even with explanation we had no chance of downing anything. As main tank I needed to build up some experience (though my gear was up to Naxx.) I Joined pick up groups to get a few runs under my belt and learn the encounters and two weeks ago we started again with the guild. We can now clear the Spider and Construct wings, kill Noth in Plague Quarter and just last night we had out first kill of Razuvious the instructor (understudies died in the fight) but bubble then taunt, trinket usage and an indestructible potion on my part saved the day. We edged him out with only 4 people left standing. Gothik proved a bit too difficult to control, so we headed for Heigan instead.

Heigan is a tricky one. Once you understand what happens it just flows and it never goes wrong again (or very rarely anyway). There's a few in our group for whom the dancing part hasn't clicked yet so each attempt we had too little survivors, we just don't make it. More attempts this week.
I also got a new belt, Waistguard of the Tutor, from Razuvious which put me another half percent closer to that elusive unhittable cap. 100.28% now, 2.12% to go!

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