Healing Sapphiron.

I was just browsing in my video's and I came across a movie of me healing Sapphiron. So I've uploaded it on YouTube for everyone to display.


  1. I watched your video and it seems pretty high quality, would be good to use in an instructional video.

    The only qualm I really have about it is the combat numbers. I actually use an addon for this called MikScrollingBattleText, so when I heal and it lands, it lets me know what healed for and the overheal amount.

    Also with the new Grid (I'm assuming that's the add on you are using) lets you configure how many boxes to show when you are in a normal raid vs heroic raid so you don't have to leave your Grid setting out to 40 people to accomodate from when you are in a BG -> party -> normal raid -> heroic raid or whatever.

    I also linked some of the other add ons that I use that you may find useful in a previous blog entry.

    BTW, is that Fraps you are using? I contemplated using fraps but I don't think my videos would be very interesting =X

  2. Hi HP,

    The thing about putting grid on 10m, I recently noticed and I am using it at the moment. But thanks for the tip, And tbh I dont really care for the overhealing, since I'm not planning to overheal my target in the first place (and ofc I will).

    Since I use a MAC I have a build-in video recorder which is totally costumizeable. One press of a buttons and it starts recording.


Thanks for your thoughts!