Ulduar Gear?

As most of you might know, the new offset gear, even some set gear is really all about MP5. Now as a Paladin, I never really bothered with MP5. I did a bit back in TBC, but now I’m INT + Crit + haste all the way. Our new set seriously nerf our + crit with only stacking up haste and mana per 5 seconds. But this has to be done for a reason, I don’t think blizzard really wants us to soak up all the Elemental shaman gear. All the Paladins would run around in a mail suit, with only one or two pieces of Aegis.

On the EJ forum, I saw a topic a while ago about the spell crit coefficient. What it basically stated was that once you hit over 50% crit rating (and this is raid buffed). You can stop stacking it. Because 50% is “Either You crit or you don’t.” Stacking it up even more doesn’t make you crit more; hell it might even make you crit less.
So having MP5 to back you up while you are casting, since casting is all we do.

My last recount showed that I have 51% crit chance with Holy Light. And during the raid period, It actually did crit 51 times out of a hundred. That gave me an X amount of mana back, but recount also showed me that most of my mana returns are either by other people’s buffs (Retloladins, Huntards) or when I used Divine Illumination. Third on the list was my Meta socket. (Change on spell cast to return mana). Now they are nerfing the mana regen for us, so having a steady MP5 really helps. Without the shamans totems stacking with out buffs, we will lose a serious amount mana. (I think about 110 mp5) and I am quite sure we will notice this downfall. With the new Ulduar gear, for example the BoE craftings, I’m sure we can get around 3-400 MP5 (while casting). Can you imagine what would happen with a let’s say: 45% chance to crit – solid 400MP5 (unbuffed) – 500 haste (without our own buff).

That way, we will never get oom. Or at least we shouldn’t.

Lol, as if we do now. Hahaha.

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