The Dedicated Undying Few.

Oh yeah! We did it! Our guild managed to get the Undying title And “The Dedicated Few” at the same time. Although we didn’t start so well, we started at Instructor Razuvious and we wiped. But without killing the boss, so we disbanded the raid.

And someone else started to invite us back. It’s a bit like cheating, but fair enough. We gave it another go. Again we started at the Instructor and this time managed to get him down swiftly. That is when our Raid leader said. “Alright guys, Undying started Game-face on.” We had a pretty good set up if you ask me.

We have two Shamans, one was Elemental and one was Restoration. There was one Rogue, specced in assassination. Two tanks, one was a warrior and the other one was a druid. One mage (My guess is Frostfire), one hunter which was survival and one Paladin. (I was 51/5/15 for this raid.).
Even though it’s not stated in “The Dedicated Few” achievement, we did kill the 4 horsemen with 8 people. It was a hard battle; I was healing the “back.” And I kept moving the wrong way. So I was getting the debuffs. Which almost killed me, I got 15k damage at one point and that just shocked the raid entirely.
I’ve taped that encounter, and you will see me making mistakes, but we made it. You will see that the hunter keeps getting further and further away form me and getting Out of sight for my heals. It was really annoying. But a talk with him (afterwards.) He now knows what NOT to do. J I did have a movie of KT killshot with only 8 people. Who are trying NOT to die. But while I was finalizing the movie ( which is done in WoW itself) For the first time in history my iMac crashed and I lost it. I still have the files and now I’m trying to get it back through another program, I’ll keep you posted.

So here is a screenshot of my Character screen with my new title.

And here is the 4 Horseman movie (unedited).


  1. Wow! Congratulations! I'm really jealous btw =X


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