Ard the Paladin

My first blog here so let me tell you a little about myself. I've been playing for about 4 years. My first 60 was a Tauren Hunter, I raided with him up to Blackwing Lair. Then I re-rolled on a different server to join my wife and her brother (as Alliance.) Started a mage which is still at level 40 and a Paladin to give it a spin (this was before Bloodelves so I'd not played one before) and just loved it.

I raided as Holy (just Molten Core/ZG/AQ20 and Onyxia really) then levelled as Holy in Burning Crusade, but I lost my interest a bit in PvE so spent a lot of time in Burning Crusade in Battlegrounds and Arena. By this time I did level a Rogue (Dwarf *grin*) to 70.

Took a three month break after last summer and started playing again when Lich King came out. Levelled my Paladin as Retribution and liked it, so stuck with it for quite a while. Someone suggested I give Protection a try as it's easier for getting groups and it's something that I'd wanted to try for a long time. So, now I'm a tank and WoW has it hooks in me once again. More soon, Ard

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