Why are you on my friends list?

The Venture Co has a lot of Paladins, mainly because currently the class might be a bit superior to other classes. Personally I hate this, because I like playing something people don’t often play. Which can be troublesome, because our usually raid is packed with loads of paladins. Our last raid night we have 11 Paladins online and ready to raid!
Further more, all the paladins in our guild, all the raiding ones are Female Humans, all apart from me and one other ret paladin. So, I’ve decided to join my fellow followers of the light and bought myself a sex change. Yes, I am a shemale now, a transvestite, you name it. Pauleh no longer exists, but has changed into “ Dahlia “ . This cause for a lot of fun conversations with people on my friends list;

Warrior: “ Hi there, who are you, and how did you hax yourself into my friends list.”

Me: “ Sorry, but..”
Warrior: “Did you hax mai account?!”
Me: “ Yes I did. I think.. I..”
Warrior: “ What?! What did you do!?”
Me: “ Nothing, but.. I ..”Warrior: “ I’m reporting you!”
Me: “ But, warrior, I.. luvs you.”
Warrior: “ Pauleh?”
So, Dahlia, where did I get that name? Basically, I’ve been through a lot of names, since I always need to find a cool name otherwise I wouldn’t take it. Firstly I thought of “ Skrewdriver.” Which was one of my old Paladin friends, after googling some I came across a “ Extreme rightwing “ punk band who sang songs with lyrics such as: “ White power.” Now I care to disagree on that so I decided not to stick with Skrewdriver. I asked Ard (the paladin) and Kashmira if they had any cool names, some said “ Paula” or “ Pauleha” Or really cool name as “ Reverance”.
After I completed the payment, I logged out for half an hour and searched for some names, and found one I really liked. “ Tehnurse.” Firstly it looks cool and secondly it’s pretty funny. Since it basically says: “ The nurse”. And being a fulltime holy paladin, it was very applicable.
When I logged into Warcraft, all of a sudden a song form my favorite band popped up.

The Black Dahlia Murder.
So I though. “ What the heck, lets try that.” I typed in Dahlia, hit the enter button, and logged in.

(Apparently Dahlia looks like someone both Ard, Kash and me know in real. O_o)

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