Welcome to HOLYSH---OCK!

Hello all! And welcome to HOLYSH---OCK!
I'll give you a brief introduction about who I am and why I am writing this blog. :)

Nice to meet you, my name is Pauleh, and I currently play a level 80 Human Paladin on " The Venture Co." server on WoW-EU. I've been playing the paladin class for about two years now and I still regret not starting one sooner. Since on the moment I created my first Paladin, I fell in love with the class.

About two years back, I played a BE Paladin on the sever " Kazzak." I raided every instance with him back in The Burning Crusade. Just before the release of the Lich King, I decided to quit playing and get back it in real life issues.

I did stop playing for about 1 or 2 months, but after my friends called up my all exited about the new content, I defrosted my account. I leveled a Death Knight and loved every inch of it. To bad a million other people on " Kazzak" thought the same and we experienced a Death Knight over kill.

This is when I met Kashmira and Ard, two names you probably see a lot in my blogs. Both Kash and Ard are two in real colleagues of me and they both play World of Warcraft. They invited me over to their server and I've been holyshocking there every since.

Not long after starting a new charater on the RPPVP server, we met another player who didn't mind rerolling to our server, this is where Divya comes in. Divya; a Vanilla WoW player with a great goal for Achievements and mainly solo play. (Although he likes instancing with us)

Last but not least I like you to meet Henrï. This is my brother and life time WoW Friend. Around four years back we both started this game, he started a Human Warrior and I started a Night Elf Druid. And now we both rerolled to The Venture Co. He's a famous Squidman Shaman.

My blog will mainly be about Paladins, I might toss a few Shaman hints and tips in it but I will focus on Paladins, both Holy, Prot and Retri. I will also talk about raiding, since I'm in one of the top guilds on " The Venture Co." I'll give you a daily update of Ulduar when it is finally here. I hope you enjoy my blog, any tips or comments can be left behind. :)


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