Flash of what?

I’ve found this interesting post on the EJ forms. And I especially liked this quote & reply.

Tzeni said:
I wasn't saying that FoL is useless to the paladin. I said it was useless as a
spell, period.
It's not enough to keep a tank up, it's not enough to do any
meaningful raid healing.
Paladins use it out of necessity (low mana or too many
healers, needing to sneak in FoL heals to beat other healers), but never with

Tifordin replied:
I disagree. I'll often do little group heals topping off raid members with FoL
after some AoE damage (e.g. on Maly P1). It's quite effective when combined with
You can heal up a bunch of small damage on multiple people relatively
quickly, and certainly quicker than casting a HL on each one. With a beacon, you
also maintain a fairly high HPS on the tank (although not as high as HL spam
In a typical raid my healing done breakdown will usually be highest
for HL, but in terms of the number of times a particular spell hits, my numbers
for FoL are often higher.
I think it's a case of understanding your available
arsenal and intelligently selecting the appropriate spell.
It also means I very
very rarely have to use DP, often finding myself on 60% mana in the last 20% of
the fight, at which point I'll spam HL just for the sake of dumping my mana

I couldn’t agree more with Tifordin, Which is exactly the way I heal. If small heals suffice, then why waste 700more mana and over heal anyway?
I mean, I tried healing the tank with Sacred Shield + Heroism – Which gave me a 0.8 FoL. I just started spamming my button healing him for 3-5k every hit. Having almost 80% change to crit when Sacred procs. That’s a roughly 10k heal in 2 seconds for less mana then Holy Light. And it is quick. And that is what we are, quick healers. And never forget that.

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